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Natasha Barteneva
PhD, MD, Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
Faculty Associate, Harvard Microbiology Initiative

The development of novel cytometric and imaging methods to analyze heterogenous cell populations, microorganisms and microvesicles
Flow cytometry and Imaging flow cytometry is rapidly evolving field. We are collaborating with biomedical and bioengineering scientists in the variety of directions -to develop instrument platforms for the detection and sorting of micro- and nanoparticles, to improve diagnostics of cancer, to evaluate biodiversity of phytoplankton etc.

Microvesicles and intercellular communication
A second line of investigation involves the mechanisms of intercellular interaction mediated through microvesicles (MVs). There is a rapidly growing body of evidence that production of MVs is a universal feature of cellular life. MVs can incorporate microRNA (miRNA), mRNA, mtDNA, DNA and retrotransposons, camouflage viruses, viral components from immune surveillance, and transfer cargo between cells. These properties make MVs an essential player in intracellular communication. We are interested in the mechanisms of their production and contribution to cell:cell and pathogen:cell interaction, and intercellular signaling.  We are also developing methods that allow a quantitative analysis of pathogen-derived and cell-derived microvesicles given their potential as circulating biomarkers.

Selected Publications:
Barteneva NS*, Maltsev N, Vorobjev IA. Microvesicles and intercellular communication in the context of parasitism. Front Cell Infect Microbiol. 2013; 3:49.
Mantel PY, Hoang AN, Goldowitz I, Potashnikova D, Hamza B, Vorobjev I, Ghiran I, Toner M, Irimia D, Ivanov AR, Barteneva N, Marti M. Malaria-infected erythrocyte-derived microvesicles mediate cellular communication within the parasite population and with the host immune system. Cell Host Microbe. 2013 May 15; 13(5):521-34.
Barteneva NS*, Fasler-Kan E, Bernimoulin M, Stern JN, Ponomarev ED, Duckett L, Vorobjev IA. Circulating microparticles: square the circle. BMC Cell Biol. 2013; 14(1):23.
Sotnikov I, Veremeyko T, Starossom SC, Barteneva N, Weiner HL, Ponomarev ED. Platelets recognize brain-specific glycolipid structures, respond to neurovascular damage and promote neuroinflammation. PLoS One. 2013; 8(3):e58979.
Barteneva NS*, Ketman K, Fasler-Kan E, Potashnikova D, Vorobjev IA. Cell sorting in cancer research-Diminishing degree of cell heterogeneity. Biochem Biophys Acta, Reviews on Cancer, 2013 Aug; 1836(1):105-22.
Fasler-Kan E, Barteneva NS*, Ketterer S, Wunderlich S, Reschner A, Nurzhanova A, Flammer J, Huwyler J, Meyer P. Human cytokines activate JAK-STAT signaling pathway in porcine ocular tissue. Xenotransplantation, 2013, In Press.
Ghosh SK, Yigit MV, Uchida M, Ross AW, Barteneva N, Moore A, Medarova Z. Sequence-dependent combination therapy with doxorubicin and a survivin-specific small interfering RNA nanodrug demonstrates efficacy in models of adenocarcinoma. Int J Cancer. 2013 Oct 1.

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Ponomarev ED, Veremeyko T, Barteneva N, Krichevsky AM, Weiner HL. MicroRNA-124 promotes microglia quiescence and suppresses EAE by deactivating macrophages via the C/EBP-a-PU.1 pathway. Nat Med. 2011 Jan; 17(1):64-70.
Kovalenko EI, Ranjbar S, Jasenosky LD, Goldfeld AE, Vorobjev IA, Barteneva NS*. The use of HaloTag-based technology in flow and laser scanning cytometry analysis of live and fixed cells. BMC Res Notes 2011, 4: 340.
Khoudoleeva O, Gretsov E, Barteneva N, Vorobjev I. Proliferative index and expression of CD38, Zap-70 and CD25 in different lymphoid compartments of chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients. Pathology and Lab Medicine Inter 2011, 3: 7-16.

Fasler-Kan E, Suenderhauf C, Barteneva N, Poller B, Gygax D, Huwyler J. Cytokine signaling in the human brain capillary endothelial cell line hCMEC/D3. Brain Res. 2010 Oct 1; 1354:15-22.
Xu C, Lo A, Yammanuru A, Tallarico AS, Brady K, Murakami A, Barteneva N, Zhu Q, Marasco WA. Unique biological properties of catalytic domain directed human anti-CAIX antibodies discovered through phage-display technology. PLoS One. 2010; 5(3):e9625.
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Stern JN, Keskin DB, Barteneva N, Zuniga J, Yunis EJ, Ahmed AR. Possible role of natural killer cells in pemphigus vulgaris - preliminary observations. Clin Exp Immunol. 2008 Jun; 152(3):472-81


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